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Currently live in Canberra.
Not a model student.
Not a flawless boyfriend.
Not a perfect creation.



Maybe I should have hit the gym more often, so I could hang in there a little bit longer before I fell into the water badly. Minutes ago I was a bystander who watched swinging and diving shows, and tried to convince myself this was not for me. Did I afraid of the height? Not really. I just did not want to embarrass myself in front of everyone, not much else.

But the mission was eventually accomplished. My legs were shivering much while getting myself ready on the rock faces, I let myself go before the fear beat me down. And then I was in the water, swam back to the bank with plenty of joy after that.

Here is the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. You’ll always find a type of adventure that is matching your braveness level. Take a dip in the wild stream, grab that swinger like me, or just break through water surface like a real warrior, by jumping off the higher cliff.

IMG_8564(Gardners Falls, Maleny)

I travel to Brisbane frequently for visiting my girlfriend. Our weekend getaway usually starts from Friday night, wheeling away from school works and city life once she hops in the car. A short distance trip would be ideal, and this time, we could finally cross Sunshine Coast off the bucket list.

Reunion led to an endless conversation. We kept chatting and couple joking all the way up the hill where the accommodation was. “You are the queen of BULLSHIT.” I said. The person sat next to me burst into laughter and driving in the dark was not that tiring after all.

In the next morning, we woke up to the view from the balcony:

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Or a wallpaper shot like this:


By the stunning painting-like scene, breakfast could not go wrong with some eggs and bacon.

IMG_5607(Top of the hill, Maleny)

There was bulk of attractions and activity spots along the way, but since it was just a weekend indulgence, we did not want to end up fleeting between landscapes. We spent most of the time in the nearby unnamed lookouts, and of course were capturing wet-and-wild fun at the Gardners Falls which I’ve mentioned above.

Then we headed to the Mooloolaba beach for my girlfriend’s birthday treat. Well, that was one of the highest ranking restaurants in the region. I did not want to make a comment on their food, and I did not even bother to call up those memories again. Instead of that, my mind has made some room for the twilight above sea level


Luckily that dinner was not ruining the B-day girl’s night. We traveled to the Coolum Beach in the next day, but things are pretty similar to any other shore, nothing to be highlighted.  BUT, You should must not miss the next site which I’m about to mention: Noosa National Park


It was really worth a walk along the spectacular coastal track. I just could not hide my fondness for some ocean breezes.

It seems like there were not much information for me to recap this trip. However, who will ever forget their first jungle experience with some little swinger pleasures?


3 comments on “Finding Sunshine Coast Hinterland Treasures

  1. vinneve says:

    I love those places in Sunshine Coast Hinterland. I wish to come back someday!


    1. Terry Liang says:

      I wish I could as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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