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Terry Liang

About me

Currently live in Canberra.
Not a model student.
Not a flawless boyfriend.
Not a perfect creation.



“First time here?” said the Uber driver, who picked me up from Brisbane domestic terminal.

“No, actually it was my second/third/fifth….oh, I can’t count.” I bashfully replied.

I’ve gained the teleport power in recent years. Most of the weekend invitations have been turned down for the reason of— “Goodness, you’re in Brisbane AGAIN?!”

I visited Brisbane quite often for making a realistically physical presence to keep my long distance relationship alive and strong. Melbourne is the place where I currently live, although it is within the 2-hour flight radius, a distant travel has always been the bittersweet part before the gathering.


South Bank Parklands is one of our most favourite dating sites, since it has a great position to overlook the city’s skyline. As we walked down the river bank for the first time, she had not visited my city yet by then, “Brisbane is such a new-world city,” I told her, “every single architecture looks like it was just built yesterday, unlike where I live.”

“Oh really?” She responded with a little confusion and excitement. And she should have been picturing how ancient that Melbourne could be.

Hours later we were on the bus way home, we did not recall those delicate art pieces in GOMA, or a fancy but high-priced jacket we peeped in the Fortitude Valley. Instead, we shared a common joke of the wheel of Brisbane, “it runs at a speed of a rollercoaster.”


As expected, modern features of Brisbane city made her fell in love with Melbourne when she visited. She could not suppress her attachment to those street alignments of listed heritage building, criss-crossed cables of the old-fashioned tram, walls of awesome or lousy graffiti spread over, and the best cultivation of coffee and barista culture on earth. “These buildings, paintings, cafes, histories…I feel like they are telling me tons of stories.” She said.

“Fair enough.” I nodded, “But during rainy days, things are becoming old and grey. It worsen your bad mood sometimes.” Nonetheless, I guess people will always complain about stuffs they are so used to, isn’t it?


Hence, century-old Queen Victoria Market was an inevitable shopping or wandering spot. It would make her day easily by sipping a cup of nice Latte at the little coffee shop around the corner, or just staring at those colourful freshness of farm produce.


People often asked me why I love Brisbane so much. Firstly, pretty much it is based on the weather. Since I’m a total summer person, it makes me have low tolerance to the windy and frosty climate back in Melbourne. Once I answered the question like:”Oh, I just love the feeling of streams go through the town, while taking the ferry around.” However, lots of people have argued that cities like Sydney and Melbourne have rivers across the CBD as well,  this reason does not have much strong supports.


But there is one thing I can say for sure: Brisbane is like a timeless image of summer slacking. Heading up to the Mount Tamborine to unwind with some spectacular views and gourmet food, or having a wavy holiday in the Gold Coast at an hour’s drive. For adding some adventurous and mystical elements, drive off a journey in the dark for glow worm in the cave of Natural Bridge.



At the end of my every visit, we would usually spend some precious time at the Mount Coot-that lookout. Due to its popularity as an night-viewing spot, it might be a bit crowded and noisy rather than a private relaxing space. But none of these came in the way as a distraction. We chatted lively and heartily all night with a couple cups of coffee to quench the thirst, as it would be just the two of us.


Oh, I miss Brisbane, as much as she misses Melbourne.

“Have a wonderful weekend, mate.” He patted me on the shoulder, as I was dropped off at her front gate.


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