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Terry Liang

About me

Currently live in Melbourne.
Not a model student.
Not a flawless boyfriend.
Not a perfect creation.




I was cultivated by the tea-drinking culture. It was a family tradition and entertainment as well, due to a huge appreciation of tea and memories of family reconnection.

The tea ceremony was usually conduted at the time of family gathering since I was little. A delicate set of tea cups were filled with Chinese Tea scattered above a wooden-made tea tray. The table was surrounded by fathers that were spouting about highlights of careers, cars and properties while mothers were nagging about household chores.

But kids were often asked to stay out of the area. We were not allowed to try tea since they claimed that tea was a beverage for adults only. However, it did not appease my curiosity and stop me from digging for the answer.

“Because this is Kung Fu tea, you’ll be exercising Kung Fu continuously after drinking it, which makes you hard to sleep” In fact, it was the worst example of patronizing a kid. Being a martial art star was always one of the childhood’s dreams. We secretly approached to the dark brown liquid in the cup and sneaked a sip when adults were unaware. It eventually led to a big fight which involved with siblings and cousins since everyone thinks of himself/herself as a kick-ass karate kid, then unsurprisingly ended up getting our butt kicked by parents. The was a wrapped for the tea ceremony.

But that golden time was gone in silence. The glory of exquisite tea sets was replaced by cheapy plastic cups with cracked tea maker. While I accepted the fact of how these kinds of stuff ease the cleaning burden after a mess, I felt something is missing in life, I would call it a ritual, and I’ve lost a ritual of life.

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Maybe it was the reason that I’m obsessed with the coffee making procedure behind the counter after moving to Melbourne. I drove around to explore little coffee shops around the town when I had an assignment-free weekend. I even brought back the sense of discovery back to my hometown, where hidden coffee gems were popping up. Instead of giving you whatever they had in hand, I encountered one who dumped the coffee he just made due to an unusual flow throughout the extraction, and then he shared his reflection with colleagues right away. At that moment, I realized somewhere on this planet, there will be a bunch of people, value those rituals, and try to make the best out of them. Besides, the ritual was not about how sophisticated the presentation is, but the heart behind it, the small effort we made to constitute every little piece in life.

This morning, I woke up to a cup of earl grey at the bedside and the smell of sizzling eggs and hams from the kitchen. It was quite simple to kick off the day, but most of the time, we are so blessed by the ritual of love, aren’t we?


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